Our Solutions

Are you and your Client operating at Peak Performance? If not, do you know what, and where, the barriers are? And desire an opportunity to have your Agency’s views represented as well?

FOCUS™ is our two way assessment. Client assessing Agency; Agency assessing Client.  With the option to add in self-assessment as well.

Each assessment uses bespoke, matching assessment criteria. Crafted specifically for that engagement. And prioritised to rank order them in terms of importance.

The discovery is used to identify barriers to peak performance; culminating in agreed actions aimed at eliminating the barriers.

Resulting in engagements that last longer; are aligned; and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes, both operationally, and commercially.  Maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of everyone’s efforts.

Are you afraid of getting ‘that call’ from one of your Clients? Do you wish you knew what all of your Clients think of you, on a common set of metrics?

NEWS™, or Navigare’s Early Warning System, is a CEO portfolio tool that tracks your Clients’ engagement with your Agency.

It is a one-way assessment tool, designed to capture your Clients’ views of your performance, on a bespoke set of criteria designed specifically for your Agency.
You will see at a glance where problems lie; providing an opportunity for early intervention to address the issues before they jeopardise the health of the relationship.

All based on facts, not presumptions.

Do you have a Client engagement that lacks rhythm and harmony? You know there are problems, but can’t quite put your finger on it? Do you have the feeling that something just isn’t right? Or been told it isn’t, and that a review is imminent?

Not all of our Client:Agency discovery programmes are long-term. Quite often we get called in for a one-off intervention to delay, or prevent, a pitch.

During this precarious time, when the relationship is at best rocky, an impartial third-party intervention is called for.

This ensures that client discovery is delivered unfiltered; and that the Agency voice is fairly represented – at a time where the Agency may not have the opportunity, nor the courage, to promote their point-of-view.

Most importantly, these views are rationally and impartially presented, accompanied by a plan for corrective action to be agreed; implemented; and assessed over an agreed timeframe; before any go-to-market decisions are made.

Acquisition Assistance
Are you an Agency looking to acquire? Or an Agency Principal looking for growth and possibly a future exit?

Navigare is uniquely positioned to assist as consultants to the acquisition process. And to fill the vital intermediary role between buyer and seller, protecting and preserving the relationship between the two.

Our local market knowledge and reach is second to none.

And internationally, our reach is just as great, with the CEO-level connections we have developed from our 12 years of visiting all the major Agencies through Adforum New York and London.

With both Vendor and Buyer-side experience, we work with your professional legal and financial advisors to help Vendors plan for growth and sale from the outset. And stay with you into the crucial post-acquisition integration stage.

And we work with Agency groups, both locally and internationally, to help refine their portfolio strategies, and identify prospect companies for acquisition.

Do you know the difference between ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’? “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.”

Most training programs are knowledge and skill based, but few actually impart wisdom. Our Masterclasses help fill that void.

We’ve held Masterclasses for the Spikes Young Guns in Singapore; are part of the Legends and Leaders curriculum; and have designed bespoke Agency talks ranging from best practice in Account Service and Client Management, to doing business in Asia.

And because each one is custom-designed around your needs, you can be sure you are maximising your training investment. In terms of both money, and time.

Bespoke Consulting
Are there any other tricky areas that you are navigating, where third-party intervention might be useful? Or are you simply facing a problem that you need to talk to someone about?

Whether it is a Client-facing issue like retainer overages, or an inward-facing issue like succession planning or Agency growth; we are only a phone call away. We’ll apply our experience and wisdom to help you solve your most pressing problems.

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